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Cell Culture petri dish 35mm diameter 9cm2 culture area low adhesion stem cell 3D Embryoid bodies PrimeSurface®

Product code: MS-90350Z

Pack Size: 5x10
CE Verified: Research Use Only
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Product Information

PrimeSurface ® ø35mm Culture Dish produced by Sumitomo Bakelite and distributed in association with Wako Pure Chemicals

The PrimeSurface range of culture ware was developed by the S-Bio division of the Sumitomo Bakelite Company to provide plastic culture vessels with low cell adhesion properties. SUMILON's proprietary low-protein-adsorption technology prevents cell adhesion making these ideal for spheroid cell colony formation. PrimeSurface products provide stable culture surfaces with a ultra-hydrophilic polymer coating containing a 'high density -OH group' which prevents elution of chemicals from the plate which can influence cell response and also promotes spontaneous spheroid formation within stem cell cultures.

Following embryoid body (EB) formation the embryonic stem (ES) cells can be stimulated to induce cell differentiation. PrimeSurface culture ware has been successfully used to induce differentiation of ES, iPS and nerve cells. Ideal for 3D culture of ES or Cancer cells for high through put assays.

PrimeSurface MS-9035X 35mm diameter culture dish:
Dish height=14mm
Culture area=9cm2
Supplied as 10 packs of 5 dishes
Radiation sterilised
Store at room temperature


  • Brand FUJIFILM Wako Chemicals Europe GmbH – Lab Chem
  • Sterile Y
  • CE Certified Research Use Only
  • Warranty Period Standard Terms Apply
  • Is product classified as dangerous goods? No
  • Does the product contain latex? Unspecified
  • Material Polymer coated polystyrene
  • Growth Surface Area 9cm2
  • Colour Clear
  • Height 14mm
  • Shape Round
  • Treated X-ray sterilised
  • Width 35mm
  • Number of Vents NULL
  • Number of Compartments 1

Storage Details

  • Pack Description 5x10
  • Shipping Condition Ambient
  • Storage Condition Ambient
  • Pack Length (m) 0.35
  • Pack Width (m) 0.15
  • Pack Height (m) 0.15
  • Pack Weight (kg) 0.00

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