Urine Collection

Easy Sample Collection for All

Urine contains an extensive range of indicators used for diagnostic analysis - pH, proteins, sugars, nitrite, ketone, bilirubin, blood cells, hormones and metabolites.

Most urine specimens are collected by asking the patient to urinate into a container or receptacle. To keep the sample from becoming contaminated by materials outside the urinary tract, patients are given instructions on how to clean the area and void some urine before collecting the specimen in the container.

For certain tests, 24-hour urine samples are collected at home and may need to be refrigerated.

Urine Collection Solutions

Urine Sample Collection Cup

This easy-to-use pop up disposable urine collection container is convenient for all genders to use. It is flat packed making it ideal for inclusion in diagnostic kit packs for home testing.

It also facilitates simple and hygienic transfer of the collected urine into another container or vial.

Sample Containers

Boric Acid

Sample containers that include boric acid are ideal for preserving urine before bacteriological examination. Boric acid is bacteriostatic, largely eliminating false positive results obtained with unpreserved specimens when there is delay before culture.

There is no evidence that borate is toxic to the urinary pathogens encountered in naturally infected urine. Borate also preserves white blood cells in urine and thereby marginally improves the diagnosis of pyuria.