Viral DNA/RNA Extraction Kit

A novel magnetic key and lid, designed to quickly and easily transfer magnetic beads and attached nucleic acids through a series of three sample extraction steps: Lysis, Wash, and Elution

Product Information

Using SmartLid™ from ProtonDx is an easy, simple process that requires no electricity, minimal pipetting, and only three simple steps, enabling market leading ease-of-use.

Multiple samples can be processed using the SmartLid Rack and Shaker accessories. The Rack and Shaker are optimised for an efficient workflow, including mixing and bead collection.

With SmartLid, a single user can easily process up to 12 samples in under 10 minutes.

Comparison of average protocol time between the power-free SmartLid process and Competitor Q.


  • High Yield:

    • Ultra-pure DNA/RNA for sensitive downstream applications in molecular biology

  • Rapid:

    • From sample to eluted DNA/RNA in less than 10 minutes

  • Easy to use:

    • Simple process does not require any powered equipment

  • Environment:

    • Designed to minimise plastic waste

    • Carton and paper inserts made with recycled content and are fully recyclable

    • Magnetic keys are reusable, reducing rare-earth waste

Visible Efficiency

The visible speed and efficiency of SmartLid is due to market leading superparamagnetic beads, delivering ultra-fast extractions.

Magnetic beads capture DNA/RNA for transfer between tubes.

Inverting the tube with the Magnetic Key collects beads onto the SmartLid.

Within seconds the liquid is clear and collection is complete and ready for transfer.

Consistent High Performance & Exceptional Recovery Rate

Extraction performance of spiked samples (200 μL of 5×103 copies/mL inactivated SARS-CoV-2 viral particles) with analysis in RT-qPCR versus Competitor Q.

Relative percentage recovery of spiked SARS-CoV-2 RNA (left) and Genomic DNA (right) vs Competitor Q.