Paradigm™ Low Retention Aerogard®

Paradigm™ Pipette Tips were created to improve pipetting accuracy while also increasing throughput.


The innovation begins with a proprietary resin that ensures the sample will not bind to the tip so it is dispensed completely.

Physical design characteristics like thin walls and a finely tapered tip point, facilitate sample release and eliminate the need to touch off the pipette tip.

Filtered Tips

Paradigm filtered pipette tips offer an extra level of confidence and control by providing a barrier between the nose cone of the pipettor and the sample.

The Paradigm filter membrane:

  • Composed of high-density polyethylene (HDPE)

  • Contains no additives that can contaminate samples if encountered

  • Provides a barrier against contamination, but will not impede airflow

  • Hydrophobic properties prevent absorption of samples

Clean Liquid Release

Paradigm tips administer a virtually clean sample release, guaranteeing minimal time is spent waiting for the last drop to fall from the tip. Users will maintain complete control, even when working with smaller volumes, without compromising the accuracy and precision of their pipetting.

Low Retention

Considerably more hydrophobic than standard tips, Paradigm tips enable even viscous fluids to be dispensed more completely.