Fine Tip Pastettes

For careful control and small volume transfers. Ideal for supernatant removal, slide preparation and gel loading.


Fine Tip Pastettes provide you with precise control, enabling careful aspiration and dispensing. They are ideal for use with small volume work, sample washing and dispensing into test strips or 96 well plates.

Specialist versions are available for specific applications:

  • Fine Tip Mini for colony picking

  • Fine Tip Maxi for sample removal

  • Extended Fine Tip for small drop work

During the manufacture of these Pastettes the tip is further extruded after the initial moulding. The high quality moulding forms a narrower tip which can dispense much smaller drop volumes than more traditional styles.

Virtually every pipette in the Pastette range has a
customer application story behind it:

The first fine tip pipette (LW4060) proved very popular in laboratories across Europe.

It prompted more requests for modified versions such as Can you make a pipette with a longer fine tip? – Extended Fine Tip Standard pipette (LW4635)

Some microbiologists use fine tips for filling bacterial ID strips but need a larger volume for longer strips – Fine Tip Maxi pipette (LW4234), now the product of choice for this application.

Haematology lab personnel need to reach around the clot in a blood tube to sample serum/plasma. – Extended Fine Tip pipette (LW4233) solves this problem.

Its baby brother is perfect for smaller paediatric samples – Extended Fine Tip Mini pipette (LW4231)

Blood donation centres, testing to see if donors are anaemic, need to add a small volume of blood from a finger prick, to copper sulphate solution – Fine Tip Ultra Micro pipette (LW4243)

Requests for a longer stem brought about the Extended Fine Tip Ultra Micro pipette (LW4244)

For blood glucose meters and similar instruments, requiring a single drop of blood – Small Bulb Fine Tip pipette (LW4697)

“These pastettes have a very fine tip with a small volume and a very controllable bulb. With other products the bulb is too stiff. They are ideal for dispensing into sampling cups without creating bubbles that can disrupt the efficiency of the analyser.”

“We have a long standing relationship with Alpha, because the products are cost effective, and the quality is very good. We also like the service provided with a dedicated contact in the sales office and a flexible standing order”.

Simon Littlewood – Head of Automation BMS3
Department of Clinical Biochemistry
Bristol Royal Infirmary

Fine Tip Pastette Products