Custom Designed Pastettes

With more than 20 years’ experience in bespoke pipette design, Alpha Laboratories is your best source for a customised specification.

Alpha’s experience has also been employed by kit manufacturers and other users for the creation of additional personalised designs specific to their requirements.

Many of the current Pastette designs were the result of requests from users: adding graduations, lengthening/shortening stems or narrowing/widening the tip.

However, despite this vast range, sometimes you still can’t find the exact tool that would work perfectly for your particular application. You may want something a little different or need to personalise the product or packaging in some way.

Customisation Options

Option 1

White Box with Standard Product

  • Standard plain white box with a white case label

  • Supplied in generic packaging for customisation with your own label

Option 2

Customised Label with Standard Product

  • Standard white box with customised label to fit your company’s product

  • Benefit from an economical customisation alternative

Option 3

Customised Product Colour and Packaging with White Box

  • Compliment your business strategy by manufacturing your product with specific colour and/or bagged in specific quantities

Option 4

Customised Packaging and Product

  • Get total customisation of your product design, label and package with your corporate logo and colours, bagged in required format

Ask the Experts

If you have a specific need, we can help. Alpha Laboratories is highly qualified to provide a range of customised solutions, tailored to your specific requirements.

If you’d like to talk to us about a custom design, please contact us

Custom Pipette Specification Form