Calprotectin ELISA

The BÜHLMANN fCAL® ELISA (EK-CAL) is the UK market-leading calprotectin ELISA.

It provides quantitative in vitro determination of faecal calprotectin for medium to high sample throughput environments.


The kit format is a microtitre plate based assay that can be performed manually or on an automated ELISA system to reduce hands-on time.

CE marked protocols are available for the Dynex DS2 and DSx plus the Grifols Triturus®.

Alpha Laboratories Ltd. supplies the Dynex DS2 for capital purchase or reagent rental.

Two different protocols are available with the fCAL ELISA to cover the ranges required for IBD and IBS differentiation plus the extended range format for use in monitoring patient therapy and mucosal healing. This reduces the need for further dilution and repeated assay.

The ranges are 10-600µg/g or 30-1800µg/g.

A consistent cut-off of 80µg/g is used throughout the BÜHLMANN Calprotectin range.

Simple extraction procedures for Calprotectin are available using the dedicated CALEX® Cap device or the Roche extraction device.


All reagents, standards and controls are provided in one kit and
are ready for use.

There is no requirement for reconstituting any component, apart from the wash buffer. This minimises any errors as well as ensuring a long shelf life.

  • Easy-to-use ELISA kit (total assay time is 75 minutes)

  • All reagents are ready to use*

  • Kit includes calibrators and controls

  • Analytical Sensitivity: <10µg/g Calprotectin in faecal sample

  • Measurable range 30-1800µg/g or 10-600µg/g**

* except wash buffer
** depending on which protocol is used

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