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Suppliers and Brands

Suppliers and Brands

Through our worldwide connections and relationships with leading manufacturers, established and emerging suppliers, we source the best products to help solve the problems you face in your laboratory every day. Many of our partnerships have been established over numerous years to ensure a reliable and continuous supply chain.

In addition, our own Alpha brand specialist laboratory plastic consumables bring you trusted supplies developed in response to customer needs. These include Pastette® the leading product brand for transfer pipettes, Fastrak®, the most environmentally friendly pipette tip refill system available and SpeciSafe® sample packaging systems to ensure UN3373 compliance.


Supplying the World

 Diagnostic Products

AdvanDx is a leading provider of rapid and accurate molecular diagnostic tests for identification of pathogens causing critical infections in hospitalised patients.

As the exclusive UK distributor for AdvanDx, Alpha Laboratories is pleased to bring new QuickFISH™ technology to UK healthcare professionals, enabling ID of positive blood culture pathogens in just 20 minutes. 

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ARK Diagnostics designs, manufactures, and distributes a range of high quality specialist in vitro diagnostic products.

ARK’s proprietary assays accurately measure drug levels in biological fluids. Clinicians use these measurements to guide dosing decisions for safe, effective, and personalised drug therapy.

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Arquer Diagnostics (Arquer) is a private, UK-based diagnostics company focused on the development and commercialisation of non-invasive immunoassay diagnostic tests for cancer diagnosis and monitoring.

Arquer’s tests are based on minichromosome maintenance (MCM) protein, a marker for the presence of dividing cancer cells. This patent protected, intellectual property is licensed exclusively from Cancer Research Technology (CRT), the development and commercialisation arm of Cancer Research UK.

The initial focus is on the development of laboratory based tests for urological (prostate and bladder) cancers.

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For over 40 years, Bio/Data Corporation has been a leading manufacturer and distributor of thrombosis, hemostasis, and platelet function products.

They provide instruments, reagents, controls, accessories to hospitals, universities, and clinical laboratories worldwide.

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BioPorto Diagnostics A/S is an in vitro diagnostics company that provides healthcare professionals in clinical and research settings with a range of diagnostic tests and antibodies.

Their pioneering product portfolio available through Alpha Laboratories includes assays for underserved disease states such as NGAL for acute kidney injury.

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BIOSERV Diagnostics GmbH is a company specialising in the development, production and worldwide marketing of in vitro diagnostic products.

The core competence of BIOSERV Diagnostics lies in products for the diagnosis of gastroenterological and fertility disorders.

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BÜHLMANN offers a wide range of 'gold standard' diagnostic tests and is the leader in calprotectin assays for IBS/IBD differentiation with its rapid test Quantum Blue® Calprotectin system, and with Calprotectin ELISA.

BÜHLMANN also produces gold standard diagnostic kits available in the fields of Clinical Chemistry, Allergy, Neuroimmunology and Chronobiology.

Find out more about BÜHLMANN Laboratories

Alpha Labortaories supplies the DIALAB Bile Acids Reagents in the UK. The assay is a dual, liquid stable reagent system using an enzymatic recycling method.

The assay is linear up to 180µmol/L and suitable for quantitative determination of Bile Acids in plasma or serum, and suitable for automation on most analysers.

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Dynex Technologies manufactures the DS2® Two-Plate Automated ELISA Processing System.

The DS2 is ideal for clinical, research, and industrial labs that would like to enhance their processes through automation, but have too-small-volume requirements to justify the investment in the systems currently on the market.

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The Immunostics’ Hema-Screen™ product line is a rapid, convenient, and non-offensive qualitative method for detecting occult blood in the stool.

Hema-Screen™ is recommended for use by Alpha Laboratories in routine hospital testing, and mass screening programs for colorectal cancer.

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Immuno-Mycologics, Inc. (IMMY) is a US-based organization that was founded in 1979 with a particular focus in mycology, or the study of fungi.

The Cryptococcal Antigen Lateral Flow Assay (CrAg LFA) from IMMY is the first and only dipstick test for the detection of cryptococcal antigen. The Myco DDR system enables easy and efficient digestion and decontamination of mycobacterium samples.

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The Automated Quantitative Faecal Immunochemical Testing system from Kyowa Medex integrates Analyser technology, with Reagent and Collection device (ARC), to provide a rapid and consistent, high throughput solution for both screening and symptomatic Faecal Occult Blood testing.

Find out more about Kyowa Medex

In the coagulation lab, you want confidence in the results you are reporting. You want to do things quickly and get them right the first time.

Through extensive collaboration with lab managers and technologists, Precision Biologic have developed a range of CRYOcheck™ products, known for their integrity, simplicity, and relevance.

Find out more about Precision Biologic

Alba Bioscience is a major bio-manufacturing organisation, supplying vital products to hospitals, blood services and healthcare companies in over 30 countries.

Based in Edinburgh, home to one of the UK's leading biotech clusters, Alba offer a wide ranging portfolio in blood grouping.

Find out more about Quotient

Sentinel Diagnostics  

Sentinel Diagnostics is an Italian company specialised in the development and the production of diagnostic kits for medical analysis laboratories, hospitals, and clinics.

Sentinel's range of innovative in vitro diagnostic medical devices are aimed at rendering clinical diagnosis more reliable as well as being a safe point of reference for laboratory medicine.

Find out more about Sentinel Diagnostics

Streck manufactures hematology, chemistry, and immunology products for the clinical laboratory.

Recognized worldwide as the leader in cell stabilization, Streck focuses on the development of quality control and diagnostic products to help meet the fast-paced needs of clinical laboratories, with a continued commitment to innovation.

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Teco Medical is a German company offering a wide range of routine and speciality reagents in coagulation. It provides Alpha with some of the more niche coagulation tests enabling us to provide a comprehensive product offering.

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FUJIFILM Wako Chemicals Europe GmbH manufactures quality clinical diagnostic reagents including assays for NEFA and Direct Bilirubin.  It also offers a comprehensive range of fine chemicals, analytical reagents and life science products for use in pharmaceutical and chemical industry and academic research.

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Laboratory Products

Alpha Laboratories Ltd.

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These lightweight, easy-to-use pipettes are robust and reliable, even in the most challenging environments. They provide unsurpassed accuracy at an affordable price for true quality and economy. 

With an attractive modern design these lightweight, easy-to-use pipettes are robust and reliable even in the most challenging environments. The range includes variable and fixed volume single channel models that cover the volume range from 0.1µl to 10ml.

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Bioer is a subsidiary of the Ferrotec Corporation, the world leader in the manufacture of Peltier elements.

In its own right, Bioer has grown to become one of the largest suppliers of PCR equipment in the world, through their expertise and experience, which is built into a superb range of Thermal Cyclers and life science equipment.

Find out more about Bioer Technology

The Clarit-E® series of gel units offers the most versatile solution for DNA and RNA agarose gel electrophoresis currently available. All units offer unsurpassed economy of gel and buffer volume, with gel size and sample number versatility.

The range includes: horizontal, vertical, 2-D and blotting systems, plus power supplies, gel drying, documentation and cutting, with a comprehensive set of reagents.

Read more about the Clarit-E range

Drummond Scientific is a manufacturer of a wide range of micro dispensers, microinjectors, micro pipets, pipettors, and innovative liquid handling tools for the laboratory.

Since 1972, when they introduced the first Pipet-Aid, many of their product innovations have set new standards for precision, safety and ease of use.

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Excel Scientific is an expert manufacturer of a variety of adhesive sealing films for evaporation prevention and sample protection during processing, storage, and shipment.

Excel Scientific is a responsive company with a commitment to superior performance. The materials, properties, adhesive composition and manufacturing of each film are tailored to optimize performance in a specific laboratory micro-plate application.

Find out more about Excel Scientific

Alpha Laboratories has been a pioneer in bringing innovative pipette tip refill systems to the market for many years. Through years of innovation and experience, Fastrak is designed to be the most eco-friendly tip rack refill system in the world.

The Fastrak tip refill system is rapidly becoming the first choice for environmentally and cost conscious scientists.

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Back in 1977 Alpha Laboratories pioneered the introduction of plastic disposable transfer pipettes into the European market and so the Pastette® brand was born.

Since then we have developed over 50 standard designs of Pastette. In addition, many specialist bespoke designs have been created for kit manufacturers and other users.

Visit the dedicated Pastette Website

With over 20 years experience in pipette development, Sartorius Biohit has established its position in the world market with its innovative, high technology liquid handling products.

Sartorius Biohit products have a reputation for quality and innovative technology and this is why the majority of electronic pipettes used in laboratories worldwide today are Sartorius Biohit pipettes.

Find out more about Sartorius

SpeciSafe® is a unique design concept that makes patient sample packaging much less of a chore. SpeciSafe replaces the secondary packaging and combines the absorbent material and rigid container within a single piece.

You then only need to add a padded envelope or bag as your outer packaging, saving you time and money.

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ZAP Premier is an advanced new filter tip range, which gives you ultimate protection for both your pipette and sample without making a big hole in your budget.

ZAP™ Premier filter tips feature a unique 10µm pore size filter. These pores are 100% smaller than those in most other filter tips and effectively trap aerosols containing DNA, radionucleotides and other contaminants, preventing them from entering the barrel of the pipette and keeping it clean.

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