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Pipette Multipacks - Save Over 40% with this Extra Special Offer Pricing


Just Add Liquid!

Just add liquid

You’ll Find Everything Else You Need in a Multipack

Take a look at these great value Pipette Multipacks.

They all come with a Linear Stand and individual holder for each pipette, for convenient storage, plus compatible tips for each volume included. They are not just convenient; you make some
fantastic savings too!

The Multipacks offer incredible savings compared to purchasing individual units and linear stands. But now you can save an extra 25% off the list price of the kits which equates to over 40% off
the value of the individual items included!!

There are a wide selection of multipacks containing from 3 to 5 pipettes with different volume options and even a combination pack that includes a multichannel pipette. 

Choose Your Pipette

mLINE® Pipettes
The Performance One 

Effortless Accuracy and Comfort.
The pipette with smart, modern styling that comes with advanced technology for excellent, all-round performance.

mLINE Pipette Multipack


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Proline® Plus Pipettes
The Dependable One 

Trustworthy, Precise, Efficient.
Combines durable construction with ease and lightness of use. Perfect for both professionals and students.

Proline Plus Pipette Multipack

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