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From Only £8 Per Pack - FlexiBulk Optimised Packaging for Optifit Tips

Tip Packs that Save Space and Effort in Your Lab. The patented FlexiBulk packaging concept from Sartorius is a completely new approach to packing tips.


FlexiBulk combines the low cost of bulk tips with space-saving packaging improvements that provide increased usability and improved tip purity.

Saves Space
FlexiBulk packaging reduces the volume of traditional bulk pack tip bags by up to 40% as the tips are arranged in a more compact, orderly, unidirectional manner.

FlexiBulk gives you more space on your workbench. 

Protects Tips
Compared to loose tips in bags FlexiBulk tips are offered greater protection from physical damage during transport and storage. No more bowed, compressed or otherwise unusable tips in your pack.

Reduces Waste
FlexiBulk is composed of thin, durable PET (polyethylene terephthalate) material enabling it to be used and stacked as is – without any additional outer cardboard box. This reduces packaging waste by nearly 50% compared with a regular bulk carton/plastic bag combination. 

PET is environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable as energy waste.

Quick and Easy Racking
The well-organized FlexiBulk pack makes tip racking or use much quicker and easier. Pick a tip for direct attachment to a pipette, or grab a handful of similarly oriented tips for easier, speedy racking.

FlexiBulk allows you to save as much as 20% of the time it would ordinarily take to load tips into racks from randomly packed bulk packages.

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