Pipette Calibration Equipment

It is important to carry out regular checks on your instruments after they have been serviced and calibrated, to ensure they are working optimally and within specification.

According to ISO 8655, “the conformity to the acceptable maximum permissible errors shall be tested by the users at regular intervals as part of their test equipment monitoring or analytical quality control routines, for example every three months but at least once a year. Other time intervals may be specified by the users depending upon requirements.”

You can ensure your pipettes are being maintained in line with any quality system requirements between services by using suitable equipment, combined with a professional pipette calibration software.

Equipment Range

Pipette Calibration Kit

Pipette Calibration Kit for Balances with a Readability of 0.01mg.

Cubis® II Balances for Pipette Calibration

The Cubis® II platform from Sartorius is a completely configurable, high-performance portfolio of both lab weighing hardware and software.

Secura® Balances for Pipette Calibration

Use Secura® semi-micro balances to calibrate your pipettes accurately and quickly at any time.

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