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Collection & Transport of Blood Samples


Primary Sample Containment

Blood Collection Tubes

Specialist vacuum blood collection tubes containing patented preservatives to maintain sample integrity.

Cyto-Chex® BCT preserves cell surface antigens of white blood cells (leukocytes).

Cell-Free DNA BCT and Cell-Free RNA BCT stabilise nucleated blood cells to enable recovery of high-quality cell-free DNA or RNA suitable for downstream applications.



Secondary Packaging Solutions

SpeciSafe® Complete System


Pouch and Absorbent

Secondary Packaging

SpeciSafe® packs combine an ultra absorbent lining within a hard shell casing and are designed to fit a range of blood vials.


They include built in tube separation, avoiding the need to individually wrap each sample container for a quick and easy solution.

Secondary Packaging

Alternatively to ensure compliance faecal pots should be individually wrapped in absorbent and then placed in a secondary pouch.

If the primary container is not 95kPa compliant, then the pouch must be pressure tested to this level and there are different gauges of pouch specific for Road Transport and Air Transport.

Using this format the outer packaging must be a rigid box.


Outer Packaging Solutions

UN3373 Labelled Envelope
for Road Transport


Rigid Outer Boxes
for Air or Road Transport

Outer Packaging

When using SpeciSafe® for road transport it can just be placed in a suitably labelled envelope for an economical solution.


However, for air transport a rigid outer container is necessary.


Rigid Outer Boxes


Suitable for Road or Air transport with compliant primary and/or secondary containment.


Outer boxes are available in a range of sizes to accommodate multiple sample formats.


 Collection and Transport Solutions for Other Sample Types


Urine Samples

Faecal Samples

Swab Samples