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Kit Fulfillment


Clinical Trials KitTrusting us with your regulatory compliant (eg UN3373, PI650) medical sample collection kit fulfillment process enables you to free up more of your organisation’s valuable resources and reduce costs. 

We understand you may have concerns about handing over your entire kit fulfillment process to an outside company. However, you can be reassured that we have the expertise, knowledge, training, quality processes and attention to detail required to provide the very best service on your behalf. 

We can provide/offer various fulfilment solutions, including:

  • Kit building
  • Kit refurbishment
  • Stock call-off
  • Logistics and delivery services, including a Direct to Patient service

We work on your behalf to develop regulatory compliant smart solutions to address your specialist needs and help you to increase efficiency and reduce overall costs.

Contact us to discuss your Kit Fulfillment Requirements