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Drug & Alcohol Abuse Kits

Drug Testing Kits

Working closely with global and independent drug and alcohol abuse testing organisations we can provide support by challenging some of the more traditional sample collection methodologies and processes.

Trusting us to develop and deliver intelligent solutions for your regulatory compliant sample collection kits, frees up more of your organisation’s valuable resources and lowers costs. 

Our solutions are designed to help you achieve the best quality samples and higher sample return rates: thus delivering a better service to your customers. 

We can provide complete design, manufacturing and assembly of testing kits.

We can also source many of the different components in Drug and Alcohol Abuse Screening kits, at highly competitive pricing, providing a rapid response and faster bespoke solutions where required.

We will work with you to create a tailored solution that best suits your needs.

 Contact us to discuss your Drug & Alcohol Abuse Testing Kit Requirements