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Disease Control Kits

Disease Control KitsVarious Government agencies are continuously involved in disease control and eradication activities. We can plan and develop solutions ready for each stage of the disease control process, allowing us to react quickly in the required volumes for the specific challenge. 

Step 1
Contingency: Availability of the best solution developed and in stock, immediately ready for the crucial early stages of outbreak: enabling very quick response times and planned, controlled costs. 

Step 2
Outbreak: Ready with smart solutions designed to maintain the integrity of the vital initial samples during extraction, movement and reception; thus helping to ensure early detection and identification. 

Step 3
Containment: Solutions designed to address the specific challenges related to collecting and extracting samples in situations where containment is necessary. 

Step 4
Eradication and monitoring: Providing solutions to support ongoing monitoring in order to achieve the ultimate goal of eradication.

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