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Clinical Trials Kits

Clinical Trials KitWith your focus on developing life saving drugs, the mundane details of shipping logistics for clinical trials samples are probably far from your mind. 

However, whether you are involved in National or Global projects, transporting clinical trial samples safely, securely and in adherence to current regulations is essential.

Clinical trials programmes usually require the movement of biological samples from the patient or clinic to the testing laboratory, ensuring they are collected and received at the laboratory in the best possible condition. Whether blood, urine, faeces or tissue they need to be transported in accordance to strict regulations.

We help you to consider every aspect of the process: from the sample collection experience; regulatory compliance (eg UN3373, PI650); carrier handling processes; through to sample reception. 

Working with you we will design and manufacture a tailored clinical trials kit solution that will help you achieve better quality samples and higher sample return rates. 

We design, manufacture and assemble kits. We also manufacture many of the different components in Clinical Trial testing kits such as SpeciSafe® packs, absorbents,  95kPa pouches etc. , which enables us to offer highly competitive pricing, a rapid response and faster bespoke solutions where required. 

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