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gRAD DIY Rapid Assay Development Kits

The generic Rapid Assay Device (gRAD) from BioPorto facilitates fast and easy DIY development of a fully customised qualitative or semi quantitative lateral flow assay.


By choosing the antibodies you feel are best suited to your application it is possible to generate a fully optimised assay designed to detect the analyte of your choice. In this way gRAD enables you to create a custom lateral flow assay that is tailored to your needs

To generate your own specific gRAD OneDetection test, you just need to follow these simple steps:

  • Choose your target analyte
  • Choose your matched antibody pair (capture and detection antibody)
  • Conjugate your capture antibody with biotin and your detection antibody with Gold
  • Run your assay!

Performing the assay is easy – simply dip the gRAD OneDetection strip into the solution containing your sample.

The antibody-sample complex mixture will then flow over the test and control lines on the strip.

The biotinylated capture antibody - free and in complex - will bind to the test line, and uncomplexed gold detection conjugate will bind to the control lie.

This takes 10-15 minutes after which time you can read your result!

The gRAD platform is available both as a complete kit containing all the components you need to get started on developing your own assays straight away, and as individual components to maximise flexibility.

Furthermore Alpha Laboratories supplies an extensive range of antibodies from BioPorto which are ideally suited for use with gRAD, including a growing range of matched antibody pairs.

  • gRAD OneDetection

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    • Updated on: 04/07/2018

    Develop Your Own Lateral Flow Assay within Weeks

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