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Ionized calcium binding adaptor molecule 1 or Iba1 is specifically expressed in macrophages and microglia and upregulated during cell activation.


Microglial Marker

Microglial cells are the only brain cells to express Iba-1 (ionised calcium binding adapter molecule 1).   

Iba-1 microglia expression is up-regulated in activated microglia enabling differentiation between cells engaged in routine surveillance and those which are activated in response to injury. It is often used in immunohistochemistry as a marker for microglia.  

The Wako Anti-Iba-1 antibodies for immunocytochemistry and Western Blotting have been raised against a synthetic  peptide corresponding to the carboxyl-terminus of Iba-1, which is conserved amongst human, rat and mouse Iba-1 protein sequences.  
These antibodies are specific to microglia and macrophages and do not cross react with neurons or astrocytes.

Iba-1 (ionised calcium binding adaptor molecule 1) is a specific marker for macrophages and microglia cells.

  • Suitable for brain development, injury and disease research
  • Polyclonal rabbit antisera raised against the C terminus of Iba-1
  • Detection of Iba-1 by immunohistochemistry
  • Does not cross react with neurons or astrocytes

  • Anti-lba1 Microglia Marker Flyer

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  • Neurobiology Research Reagents Brochure

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