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Pasteur Pipettes

The Global Name for Transfer Pipettes

Available in over 50 designs, Pastettes are flexible, unbreakable, transfer or Pasteur pipettes and are ideal for a multitude of tasks.


Pastette®- Liquid Transfer Pipettes to Suit Every Application

Many procedures within life sciences, industrial research, testing, clinical and general purpose laboratory applications require the transfer of small amounts of liquids between vessels.

Thousands of scientists worldwide rely on plastic transfer or Pasteur pipettes to achieve this.
A safe and convenient, unbreakable alternative to glass pipettes, they are available in numerous shapes and sizes for use in multiple tasks.
Whilst the principle of these simple dropper pipettes remains the same, their designs have evolved significantly over the years to improve performance and ease of use in specific applications.

Alpha Laboratories has over 30 years of expertise in plastic pipette manufacture and has worked with scientists to develop the Pastette® brand specifically to meet user needs.

Whether sampling from bottles or delivering to micro-cuvettes, a wide choice of sizes, known drop volumes and tip designs allows you to select the Pastette to best suit your application.

To see which Pastettes best meet your needs just contact us for samples or technical assistance: Call +44 (0) 23 8048 3000

  • Manufactured from non-toxic food grade LDPE
    - shatterproof and safe to use
    - inert to prevent sample contamination
    - flexible
  • Single piece construction
  • Responsive finger control for ease-of-use and reliable performance
  • Low-affinity surface for complete sample delivery
  • Available in sterile and non sterile versions to suit your application
  • Manufactured to ISO 13485 with validated processes and quality control
  • FDA, QSR (cGMP) and ISO9001

  • Alpha Laboratories Corporate Brochure

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    • Updated on: 04/07/2018

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  • Pastette Quality Statement

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    • Updated on: 04/07/2018

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  • Pastette® - The Global Name for Transfer Pipettes

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    Pastette Brochure with 2017 Pricing

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  • Pastette® Wallchart

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  • Resin Source Change for Alpha Laboratories’ Pastettes®

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    Letter to Customers

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  • Sample Certificate of Conformity

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  • Graduated Pastettes

    Graduated Pastettes

    For measured transfers of 1, 2, 3 or 5ml in fractions of 0.25ml to 1.0ml. Ideal for preparation of fixatives and stains, aliquoting and other drop by drop work.

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  • Non-Graduated Pastettes

    Non-Graduated Pastettes

    Ideal for liquid transfers which do not need to be measured. With a variety of shapes and sizes they can be used for a multitude of applications including transferring supernatant, adding reagents or extracting samples.

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  • Fine Tip Pastettes

    Fine Tip Pastettes

    For careful control and small volume transfers. Ideal for supernatant removal, slide preparation and gel loading.
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  • Micro Pastettes

    Micro Pastettes

    Micro Pastettes have a long straight stem rather than the tapered design which most pipettes of this type have, enabling easier access to tall narrow sample containers.
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  • Dual Bulb Exact Volume Pastettes

    Dual Bulb Exact Volume Pastettes

    Designed to dispense a known volume of liquid. Simply squeeze the upper bulb to fill, and squeeze again to dispense the exact volume.
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  • Paddle Pastettes

    Paddle Pastettes

    Paddle Pastettes have an additional paddle on top of the bulb which can be used for mixing. They are ideal for use with latex agglutination tests, pregnancy tests and blood grouping cards.
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  • Aspirator Pastettes

    Aspirator Pastettes

    The flexible, unbreakable, safe alternative to aspirating with glass pipettes on vacuum lines or with pipetting aids.
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  • Custom Designed Pastettes

    Custom Designed Pastettes

    With more than 20 years’ experience in bespoke pipette design, Alpha Laboratories is your best source for a customised specification.
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