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Gel Loading Tips

Gel-Loading Pipette Tips

Gel Loading tips enable efficient dispensing of microlitre samples into particularly narrow wells of polyacrylamide gels. They are available as 0.57mm round orifice or 0.17mm and 0.37mm flat orifice tips.


  • Suitable for loading both vertical and horizontal gels in applications such as protein electrophoresis and DNA sequencing.
  • Flexible, long, thin capillary section of each tip easily fits between even narrow gel plates to enable accurate filling between the gel comb teeth.
  • They are suitable for use with most popular brand single and multi-channel pipettes for quick gel loading steps.

  • Available in the round or flat orifice formats suitable for most applications.
  • The round orifice tips are tapered to a 0.57mm thick end.
  • The flat orifice tips have been tapered and then further flattened to create even narrower openings of either 0.17mm or 0.37 mm.
  • Conveniently packed in a hinged 96-tip rack with a unique lid-locking mechanism that enables one-handed operation for easy opening and secure locking.
  • Manufactured from medical-grade virgin polypropylene.
  • Low-binding resin reduces protein loss and maximises sample delivery; ideal for precise and accurate dispensing of the tiniest sample volumes.
  • Supplied sterile or non-sterile and certified RNase, DNase, DNA, PCR inhibitor and Pyrogen-free.
  • Suitable for use with both the horizontal and Vertical Clarit-E Gel Systems. 

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