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Cellsaver Tips

Cell saver tips are designed with larger openings making them ideal for cell culture work or when working with difficult to manage liquids. The wider orifice prevents damage to delicate cells during aspiration or dispensing steps.


Alpha Laboratories high-clarity, research-grade wide orifice tips are designed with larger openings for working with delicate or difficult-to-aspirate liquids in your laboratory.

Are you cutting standard tips with a pair of scissors to prevent shearing of your cell suspension?

This method will not prevent cell shearing as the normally smooth tip orifice is actually sharpened by this crude cutting process. Furthermore a contaminated pair of scissors could easily lead to contamination of your sample.

That is why wide orifice tips are recommended as they are manufactured with a much wider orifice that has been smoothed and polished to remove any sharp and rough edges.

When used in cell culture work the wide orifice tips will prevent the shearing of cells during aspiration while also reducing flow force.

Combined with the reverse pipetting technique, the larger orifice tips allow easier and more accurate pipetting of viscous liquids such DMSO, Tween, milk, syrup, or other suspensions.

The tips are manufactured from the highest grade virgin polypropylene and are also available filtered to further protect your samples from contamination.

They have a universal tip fit and are available in 200µl and 1000µl tip volumes.  

The ZAP™ filter tip version is also available for added protection against contamination.

 Cellsaver tips

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