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Ripette® PRO Manual Multi-dispenser

Discover New Dispensing Possibilities: Achieve accurate, precise repeat dispensing of volatile or viscous fluids with ease.

Achieving accurate, precise dispensing of volatile or viscous fluids using conventional air displacement pipettes is difficult. If you have to do that repeatedly for multiple steps it can be extremely frustrating.

The new Ripette® PRO repeat dispenser solves the problem. It also offers improved safety and eliminates contamination when handling hazardous or sensitive materials.

Using dispenser tips with a plunger, the Ripette® PRO is protected from contamination by ascending aerosols in the tip and guarantees long-term secure use, even with difficult samples.

  • Flexible: 12 tip sizes, 10 volume adjustments and 120 program steps.
  • Independent: Mechanical, maintenance free, no power supply or batteries.
  • Handy: Perfect ergonomic design makes for easy, comfortable use. The easy-moving dosing button in combination with the low weight ensures long dosing series can be dispensed conveniently.
  • Clear: Volume adjustments and dosing volumes for different tips are clearly indicated in the vision panel
  • Compatible: The Ripette® PRO is compatible with PD-tips from Brand, Combitips®, Combitips Plus® and Combitips Advanced® from Eppendorf and has been precisely aligned to Ritips® PRO from Ritter
  • Resistance: Constructed from premium materials for high resistance against a broad range of chemicals 
  • Tested: Every device tested for functionality and precision to the requirements of DIN EN ISO 8655

  • Ripette PRO User Manual

    • PDF size: 8.45KB
    • Uploaded on: 20/09/2016

    Ripette PRO Dispenser Instructions for Use

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Ripette® PRO Dosing Table

The dosing table of the Ripette® PRO conveniently displays the total dispensing volume proportional to the dispensing step and tip sizes.
The upper row of the dosing table corresponds to the position of the dial and the program number in the viewing window.Ripette PRO Dosing

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