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Ritips® PRO Dispenser Tips

For Perfect Delivery of Difficult Liquids: For Positive Displacement Repeat Dispensing Ritter’s NEW Ritips® PRO Provide a Quality Solution.

Functional Benefits:

  • Ensure accurate delivery of viscous, dense or volatile liquids
  • Improve safety and prevent contamination when handling hazardous, infectious or sensitive material
  • Fine conical heads increase precision
  • Ease of Use
  • Elongated tips enable easy access into long laboratory vessels
  • Colour coding for fast identification of the required tip
  • Nine tip sizes for dispensing volumes from 1µl – 50ml


  • Reliable and repeatable results through automated, individual tests of every single tip
  • Lot no. on each box
  • A certificate of conformity is available on request for every batch
  • Available as standard and single wrapped bioclean® quality (Sterile, pyrogen-, ATP-, RNase- and DNA-free. Certified by independent laboratories)


Ritips® PRO are compatible with the following dispensers:

  • Ripette® PRO
  • Ripette® genX
  • HandyStep®
  • HandyStep® electronic
  • eLine® Dispenser
  • Repetman
  • Multipette® M4
  • Multipette® 4780
  • Multipette® stream
  • Multipette® Xstream

Each tip contains individual coding for automatic tip recognition. When used with the Ripette® genX, the ideal tip size can be selected on the interactive display.

Ritips® PRO are the only alternative to the closed system Multipette® M4 and Combitips® advanced.

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