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Bioer GeneMax™ Thermal Cycler

Ferrotec Peltier development has reached a new level of performance and functionality in the Bioer GeneMax™ thermal cycler to realise the perfect optimisation for annealing temperature.


Easy to Use

  • Large 10.4 inch clear, full colour, LCD touch-screen - great visibility and operator experience
  • Intuitive software and user interface – very easy to use
  • Tm Calculator function – convenient estimate of annealing temperature


  • Fast - 5C/s heating rate, 4C/s cooling rate - completes protocols quicker
  • ARM9 processor and ThreadX system - fast and stable making the GeneMax extremely reliable


  • Temperature accuracy ≤ 0.2C for the standard block and ≤ 0.1C for the gold plated block.


  • 2 control methods – block or tube – choose the most suitable for your application
  • 2 methods to set up gradients for optimisation - Greater user flexibility and ease of optimisation
  • Adjustable Hot-lid – for use with a range of different consumables


  • Multiple units controlled from one PC – convenience and ease of use
  • USB connectivity – unlimited file storage
  • Bluetooth connectivity for wireless connection to a PC - no need for the PC to be taking up bench space

Choice of Two Blocks

  • Noble Plated Gold Block - Superior temperature performance. Maximum heating rate 5C/s Accuracy ≤ 0.1C
  • Nickel Plated Block - Mature model design with high performance-price ratio. Temperature uniformity ≤ 0.2C

  • GeneMax Thermal Cycler User Manual

    • PDF size: 7.44KB
    • Updated on: 04/07/2018

    Bioer GeneMax Instructions for Use

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