Block 26x 0.5ml plus 24x 1.5ml tubes compatible with the ThermoCell Heating and cooling blocks for molecular biology incubation applications

Product code: BLOCK G

Pack Size: Each
CE Verified: CE Electrical

Product Information

Heating blocks, sometimes called dry block heaters are instruments providing a computer-controlled thermo-electric temperature environment for samples. A total of seven sample blocks are readily interchangeable to enable use of the heating block with a large variety of different tubes and plates.
These heating blocks are suitable for use for sample preparation, enzyme preservation, enzyme substrate reactions, restriction enzyme digestions and many other applications in the laboratory.
3 Models are Available
ThermoCell Mixing Block – heats, cools and mixes samples
Thermocell Heating/Cooling Block – heats and cools
ThermoCell Heating Block – heats only
Accurate control of time, temperature and speed
Exact temperature control with PID circuit
Large VFD display and simple controls provide a user-friendly interface
Conforms to CE safety standards

BLOCK G accepts up to 26 x 0.5ml and 24 x 1.5ml Tubes
Compatible with the following ThermoCell heating and cooling block base units:-
MB-102 – Mixing block
CHB-202 – Heating and cooling block
HB-202 – Heating block

Blocks for other types of consumables are available as follows:-
BLOCK A - for 40 x 1.5ml Tubes
BLOCK B - for 54 x 0.5ml Tubes
BLOCK C - for 96 x 0.2ml Tubes
BLOCK D - for 24 x 15mm Tubes
BLOCK E - Water Bath Block
BLOCK H - for 40 x 0.2ml Tubes
BLOCK J - for ELISA type 96 well plates


  • Brand Bioer Technology Co
  • Sterile N
  • CE Certified CE Electrical
  • Warranty Period 2Y
  • Is product classified as dangerous goods? No
  • Does the product contain latex? Unspecified
  • Material Plastic coated metal
  • Length 167mm
  • Model Compatibility ThermoCell heating block - HB-202, ThermoCell Cooling and Heating block - CHB-202 and ThermoCell Mixing block - MB-102
  • Type 1.5ml and 0.5ml tubes
  • Height 55mm
  • Block Capacity 26x 0.5ml tubes and 24x 1.5ml tubes
  • Width 130mm

Storage Details

  • Pack Description Each
  • Shipping Condition Ambient
  • Storage Condition Ambient
  • Pack Length (m) 0.21
  • Pack Width (m) 0.15
  • Pack Height (m) 0.09
  • Pack Weight (kg) 1.00

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