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Custom Designed Laboratory Consumables

Looking For Some Bespoke Kit Components? 

Get Plastic Laboratory Consumables Custom Made to Your Requirements.

In addition to providing solutions to end users, Alpha Laboratories also offers extensive options and customised production for a variety of components for diagnostic and laboratory kit manufacturers.

We can help you with our personalised, flexible, fast custom-design service. 

You define the specifications, size, branding and packaging.

Find out how we can help you with a range of bespoke products. 
Contact us about any of our customised solutions or to discuss your specific needs and join our long list of satisfied customers.

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Disposable Plastic Liquid Transfer Pipettes
Dual Bulb Pastette for Exact Volume Delivery

The Alpha brand Pastette® is the leading name for disposable liquid transfer or Pasteur pipettes. It is available in over 50 standard designs, many developed in response to specific customer requirements.

The Dual-Bulb Pastette range is just one example. It is the ideal pipette for inclusion in assay kits or for use in other applications requiring fast and easy delivery of an exact measured volume. This simple solution can readily be used in untrained hands and is available in a range of volumes from 20 to 300µl.

In addition Alpha Laboratories offers a customised design service to develop pipettes specifically to OEM requirements.


Find out more about Custom Designed Pipettes

Plate Sealing Solutions

Custom made plate seals

Diagnostic assay kits often contain reagents held in microtitre or PCR plates that need to be securely sealed.

Alpha Laboratories provides a range of plate sealing options that can be customised for specific manufacturing and packaging requirements. These include indexed roll formats for automation, speciality materials and adhesives, custom die-cut shapes and sizes, plus custom printing, packaging and labelling.

Stringent QC procedures for all products and certificates of compliance and sterility provide assurance of product consistency lot-to-lot.

UN3373 Compliant Packaging

Clinical Trials KitOur SpeciSafe® mailing packs and other packaging solutions can be developed into custom designed clinical trials packs. These ensure convenience and complete compliance for transporting biological samples between participants and testing laboratories for clinical trials and contract research projects.

 Find out more about Clinical Trials Packs

Reagent Tubes, PCR and Other ConsumablesSafe-Grip Tubes

We also offer a wide range of screw cap microtubes, PCR plates and tubes, Universal and Bijou containers etc. that may also be required for kit manufacture.



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