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Vacu-Re-Caps are essential for any lab!

  • Unique stretchable closures manufactured from polypropylene.
  • Used to re-seal blood tubes of diameter 12mm or 15.2mm.
  • Also suitable for sealing other types of glass or plastic tube.
  • Rimmed to prevent accidentally pushing the cap too far into the tube. Incorporate an easy to grip lip to allow for easy removal.
  • Available in a wide variety of colours.
  • Suitable for use with the Alpha Laboratories Polystyrene and Polypropylene round-bottomed test tubes.

Leak Resistant Plug Caps

Plug caps offer a leak resistant seal for test tubes and other tubes. They are made from polyethylene and have a ribbed surface with high grip for easier handling. They have 2 sealing ribs for a firm seal with the tube (except the TU1100 which is a pressure plug). These plug caps are supplied natural in colour and are non-sterile.

  • Manufactured from polyethylene
  • Ribbed surface to improve grip
  • Double sealing ribs prevent leaking
  • Suitable for sealing tubes of diameter 11mm to 16mm

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