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What is ACT - Accountability, Consistency, and Transparency?

ACT is a programme developed by My Green Lab to promote sustainable practices in the laboratory environment. It focuses on providing a standardised framework for assessing the environmental impact of products and processes used in labs.

The ACT Label communicates the Environmental Impact Factor of a product, covering areas such as energy use, water use, packaging, and end-of-life disposal. A lower score indicates a more sustainable product.

  1. Accountability: Ensuring that manufacturers and suppliers of laboratory products are accountable for their environmental impact.

  2. Consistency: Providing a consistent set of criteria and standards for evaluating the sustainability of laboratory products to help labs make informed decisions based on reliable and comparable data.

  3. Transparency: Promoting transparency in the reporting of environmental impacts and sustainability efforts. This includes clear and accessible information about the lifecycle of products, from manufacturing to disposal.

Third-Party Verification: The programme involves third-party verification to ensure that the data and claims made by manufacturers are accurate and reliable.

Product Categories: ACT assessments cover a wide range of laboratory products, including consumables, equipment, and reagents.

Certification: Products that meet specific sustainability criteria can receive ACT certification, signaling their reduced environmental impact to consumers.

Benefits of ACT Labelling

  • Informed Decision-Making: Provides labs with the information needed to choose more sustainable products.

  • Reduction of Environmental Impact: Encourages the development and use of products with lower environmental footprints.

  • Market Differentiation: Helps differentiate products based on sustainability

  • Enhanced Transparency: Improves transparency in the lab supply chain, fostering trust and accountability.

Understanding the ACT Label

ACT Verification for Fastrak® and FastZAP™ Tips

Alpha Laboratories' Ltd. eco-conscious pipette tip products, Fastrak® and FastZAP™ have been developed with sustainability as a priority and have now received ACT certification.

These popular pipette tip refills received very low environmental impact scores (1.0) for manufacturing. This was achieved due to the energy, water, and waste reduction programmes of the production facility, plus, the on-site solar energy system that can produce anywhere from 800,000 to 1.2 million kWh of renewable energy annually.

Fastrak product and packaging content also scored 1.0 since the products have been dematerialised and are manufactured using raw materials that contain biobased content as defined by ASTM D6866 and / or pre-consumer recycled content. The cardboard packaging contains recycled content, resulting in up to 80% by weight of sustainable content in the overall packaging system, depending on the specific product. Alpha Laboratories’ offers its UK customers a plastic recycling scheme, thus end of life also received a score of 1.0.

Most notable was the -1 score for Innovative Practices due to Alpha Lab's LaboraTree tree planting scheme, that is available to all users of Fastrak or FastZAP tips.

ACT Scores

Across the range, FastZAP tips have an ACT score of 27.2, FastZAP filter tips have an ACT score of 29.8

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