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Pastette® 40th Anniversary Giveaway

Find a Golden Ticket inside a box of Pastettes and instantly win one of these great prizes!

Prizes for Pastette Giveaway













 You could win one of:

   Golden star4x Tassimo coffee machines and T-Disc drink pods

Gold Star   6x DAB Digital Radios

Gold Star   15x Cadbury Chocolate Hampers

Gold Star   15x Retro Sweets Hampers

Order your Pastettes now and look for a Golden Ticket inside the boxes.

The Golden Ticket giveaway runs from March to December 2018. 

To claim prizes winners must send in the reply paid Golden Ticket by the date specified on the card. No substitution or cash equivalent of prizes is permitted. 

Keep an eye out – there are unclaimed prizes still available!

Keep an eye out!

So far we’ve hidden 33 golden tickets in Pastette boxes that have been despatched – we’ve only had 20 prizes claimed! 

Check your boxes of Pastettes and if you’re lucky enough to find a golden ticket return it to us as soon as possible to claim your prize.


Congratulations to some of our lucky winners!

Harefield Hospital - Tassimo Coffee Machine


Golden Ticket Winner - Harefield Hospital


Congratulations to Kelly Devine and her colleagues from the Immunosuppression Monitoring Laboratory at Harefield Hospital!

"We have been using plastic transfer pipettes for over 20 years to decant our extracted blood samples for drug analysis by mass spectrometry.
We also use them for removing plasma/serum from our spun samples.
We expect high quality pipettes and started ordering Pastette from Alpha Laboratories three years ago when the company we were using let us down.
We have not looked back; Alpha customer service is excellent – ordering is quick and easy, they always deliver on time and the prices are very competitive."

University of York - Retro Sweets Hamper


Golden Ticket Winner - University of York


Congratulations to Maria Gehrels and her colleagues from the Department of Environment and Geography at the University of York!

"We are diverse, cross-disciplinary, department. Our technical team consist of Chemists, Ecologists and Geographers. We rely on Pastettes for a wide range of sample processing methods and analysis - for research and teaching purposes.

They are probably used every day!

Spire Dunedin - DAB Radio


Golden Ticket Winner - University of Nottingham

Congratulations to Jatinder Bhamra from the Pathology Lab at Spire Dunedin!

"We use Alpha Laboratories’ Pastettes for a variety of applications:   

• Separating blood samples for send aways
• For adding oil to blood films on microscope slides
• For adding detergent to wash instruments
• To adjust pH of buffers
• For staining microscope slides”

University of Nottingham - Retro Sweets Hamper


Golden Ticket Winner - University of Nottingham

Congratulations to Alex Rathbone and her colleagues from the Universtiy of Nottingham Medical School!

"We’re all members of the Dajas-Bailador lab whose research is focused on the key processes that control neuronal development and connectivity.   

We use your Pastettes on a daily basis mainly for immunofluorescence staining of our cultured neuronal cells."

Churchill Hospital - Cadbury Hamper


Golden Ticket Winner - Churchill Hospital

Congratulations to Abbie Williams and her colleagues from the Cytogenetics Laboratory at Churchill Hospital, Oxford!

"We are a NHS Genetics team, who use the Pastettes every day. We test post-natal and pre-natal samples for genetic abnormalities, including bloods, bone marrow, amniotic fluid and CVS.   

We have been using your Pastettes for as long as longest serving members of our team can remember, probably about 20 years"

Pride Veterinary Centre - Cadbury Hamper


Golden Ticket Winner - Pride vets

Congratulations to Emma Davies and her colleagues from Pride Veterinary Centre!

"Pastettes are a fundamental tool within our lab without which our work would be much more awkward. 

We use them daily for removing off the serum from spun blood samples and also in our urine, faecal and bacteriology work."

St Mary's Hospital - Cadbury Hamper


Golden Ticket Winner - St Mary's Hospital


Congratulations to Ewan Haigh from the Blood Transfusion Laboratory at St Mary’s Hospital, Isle of Wight! 
They decided to raffle the hamper off with all proceeds going to the Friends of St Mary’s which is a charity that supports the trust, raising over £50.00 so far.

"We have been using your Pastettes since before I joined the Trust 15 years ago.

In Blood Transfusion we rely on the consistently high quality of the Pastettes for use in our testing and the excellent price, delivery speed and customer service we receive when we place an order with Alpha Labs."







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