Gel Tank Vertical Clarit-E Maxi Z Dual 20x20cm complete modular system with running, blotting and capillary gel inserts for protein electrophoresis

Product code: EL2300Z

Pack Size: Each
CE Verified: CE Electrical
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Product Information

For SDS PAGE, Native PAGE, Gradient, Second dimension, capillary tube gels, blotting and Nucleic acid separations. The preferred unit for routine mini protein electrophoresis, the Clarit-E Maxi Z Vertical Dual 10x10cm gel tank is constructed using the latest injection moulding manufacturing techniques. This gives a high quality, low cost product with unsurpassed finish, durability and strength. The unit incorporates a sealing system which is compatible with all major types of 8x10cm and 10x10cm precast gel. Gel casting and running utilise the same insert, no transfer of glass plates during gel casting is necessary. The insert utilises unique sliding clamps allowing very rapid set up of both hand cast and precast gels. Run up to 4 hand cast gels simultaneously. Ultra soft silicone seals and pressure bars which surround the glass plates guarantee leak proof gel casting. 4mm thick glass plates prevent breakage and have bonded spacers for convenience. Accessory electroblotting and tube gel modules are included which use the same outer tank and lid.

Includes Maxi Z gel tank and lid with power cables, 2x sets of glass plates with 1mm bonded spacers, 1x dummy plate, 2x combs of your choice, casting base, silicone casting mat, cooling coil, internal running module for tube gels, 100x capillary tubes, 10x blanking ports, 1x IEF conversion kit (1x set of glass plates with bonded spacers 0.6x20cm and 2x 2-D combs with one 3.5mm marker lane and one 18cm preparatory well), blotting insert, 4x compression cassettes and 18x fibre pads. Please note if comb thickness is changed, spacers will also need to be changed.

Sample Capacity: 192 slab gel samples (48 per gel), 10 tube gels, 4 blots
Unit Dimensions: 26x16x28cm
Number of gels: 4
Buffer Volume: Minimum 1200ml, Maximum 5600ml
Combs available (number of sample wells): 1, 5, 10, 18MC, 24, 30, 36MC, 48 - MC denotes well spacings are compatible with multichannel pipettes
Comb thicknesses: 0.75, 1, 1.5, 2mm
Recommended Power Supply: EL2705, EL2707, EL2730, EL2750 (for blotting)
Typical Running Conditions for SDS PAGE: 100V or 35mA (constant) for 5 hours max.

EL2100-18MC-0.75 Comb 18 sample MC, 0.75mm -Vertical Maxi
EL2100-18MC-1 Comb 18 sample MC, 1mm -Vertical Maxi
EL2100-18MC-1.5 Comb 18 sample MC, 1.5mm -Vertical Maxi
EL2100-24-1 Comb 24 sample, 1mm - Maxi/Miniwide
EL2100-24-1.5 Comb 24 sample, 1.5mm -Vertical Maxi
EL2100-36MC-1 Comb 36MC sample, 1mm - Maxi/Miniwide
EL2100-48-1.5 Comb 48 sample, 1.5mm -Vertical Maxi
EL2110Z Dual Caster 20x20cm for Maxi Z
EL2128 Tube Gel Insert For Maxi & 10 Tubes
EL2128Z Tube gel insert for Maxi Z with 10 tubes
EL2130 Maxi Capillary Tubes
EL2132 Maxi Capillary tubes 1.5mm
EL2134 Blotting Insert For Maxi & 3 Cassettes
EL2134Z-HI High intensity blot MaxiZ insert 20x20cm
EL2136 Blotting Cassette For Vertical Maxi
EL2138 Fibre Pads For Clarit-E Vertical Maxi
EL2140 Cooling Block for Clarit-E Vertical Maxi
EL2177Z Glass plate Notched 20 x 20cm for IEF
EL2178 Replacement Platinum Wire 0.2mm - 100cm
EL2179Z IEF Conversion Kit for strips/Tube gels


  • Brand Alpha Laboratories
  • Sterile N
  • CE Certified CE Electrical
  • Warranty Period 3Y
  • Is product classified as dangerous goods? No
  • Does the product contain latex? Unspecified
  • Contents Maxi Z Vertical Gel tank, lid and dual running module, 2 pairs glass plates with 1mm bonded spacers, 2 combs of your choice, cooling pack, dummy plate, casting base, tube gel module, capillary tubes, blanking ports, 1x set of plain glass plates with bonded spacers 0.6x20cm, 2x 2D combs with one 3.5mm marker lane and one 18cm preparatory well, electroblotting module 4x compression cassettes and 18 fibre pads

Storage Details

  • Pack Description Each
  • Shipping Condition Ambient
  • Storage Condition Ambient
  • Pack Length (m) 0.41
  • Pack Width (m) 0.42
  • Pack Height (m) 0.91
  • Pack Weight (kg) 0.00

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