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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I register with Alpha Laboratories?

2. How do I search for products?

3. Are all Alpha Laboratories products available to buy online?

4. What is Your Online Pricing Policy?

5. How can I see my specific institute pricing?

6. Do your prices include VAT?

7. What are my options for making a payment?

8. Can I amend or add to my order once it has been completed and confirmed?

9. Can I cancel my order?

10. How do I see a history of my orders?

11. I have a shopping list of part numbers I wish to buy. What’s the quickest way to do this?

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1. How do I register with Alpha Laboratories?

Full Registration is Required for Ordering and Personal Pricing Access

When you register we are able to verify your details against those maintained for transacting with your establishment. For example we can link your registration to your Alpha Labs company account number to enable online accessibility to previously agreed business terms, established discounted prices and quotations. Find out more about why you should register.

At the top right of any page you will see a link that says Log in/Register.

Follow the ‘Register’ link. You will be prompted to enter your name and email address (this should be an address that is unique to you). You will also be asked to choose a password.

We will then collect some delivery and invoice information to help set you up for online ordering. You will be able to place your order straight away but at this point will not see any institute specific pricing online. After your first order has been processed, all this information will become available the next time you login.

NB. We do accept online orders on a 30 day invoice payment option. However, if during processing of your order we find that the company account details provided are not already set up with Alpha Laboratories Ltd and no credit status has been verified, we reserve the right to request credit card payment before despatch of goods. We will contact you if this is the case.

2. How do I search for products?

There are several ways to navigate the Alpha Laboratories Ltd website and find the items you need.

Category Search

Our online catalogue has been designed to help guide you through our product options and find what you specifically require. Use the Mega Menus at the top of any page to select the category of product that interests you. Hover over the headings and more specific categories will appear. Click on the sub-category of interest. Once you are transferred to a subcategory page you can further define your selection by using the filtering on the left side of the page which includes additional sub-categories or product attributes. You can also sort a product list to your preference using the sort options above a product list.

Keyword Search

You can use the search box in the header banner and type in keywords that relate to your product. Some words may bring a lot of matches so to produce more helpful and precise search results, try adding in an extra word or two. For example, "10µl filter tips".

Catalogue Number Search

The search box will also recognise Alpha Laboratories product codes (or part of a product code). If you are familiar with our product codes or have consulted a printed catalogue enter the product's catalogue number into the search bar at the top right part of the page.

N.B. Product codes that include a space in them will return multiple results. For a more defined search result just enter a section of the product code that does not include the space.

e.g. for HYB 101-03-02 just enter 101-03-02

3. Are all Alpha Laboratories Ltd. products available to buy online?

The majority of our products are available to buy online to UK customers with the most up to date prices and promotions. Items in the Diagnostic and Research ranges may be subject to restricted sale to customers outside the UK.

If you are struggling to find a particular product please call us on +44 (0)2380 483000 for assistance. We may be able to add the item to our online catalogue for you.

4. What is Your Online Pricing Policy?

The Alpha Laboratories website will offer you the best price currently available dependent on the conditions met in your order- this will either be: list price, contract price, quote price, volume price or current web offer price, whatever is the lowest.
Online promotion prices are only valid for orders placed directly on They are only valid on the day they are displayed and can be withdrawn at any time.

N.B. Some Special Offers may not be available online to customers with existing discounted prices e.g. Clearance Stock pricing, Volume Discounts. However, if you see an offer advertised on our website which would provide more favourable pricing than your regular discounts please contact us or add a note in the Comment box at checkout to request the offer pricing and we will  amend your order during proce

5. How can I see my specific institute pricing?

When you login to as a registered user whose account has been assigned to the registration, you will see the prices available to your institution based on any current contract discounts or quotations that are in place.
To check if your account has been assigned to your registration, login and go to:

My AccountAddress Book

If you are UNABLE to edit your billing address this means your online account is already linked to your Alpha Laboratories Account.
Please contact us if your account is not yet assigned and you would like it to be set up or if you wish to change your billing address.

6. Do your prices include VAT?

All our list prices exclude VAT which is applied during the checkout process. For UK customers, if you are eligible for VAT exemption this can be declared during checkout and the VAT will be removed. You will need to supply a copy of your VAT exemption certificate by fax  to +44 (0) 2380 643701 or email,  unless you have previously supplied an annual VAT exemption certificate.
VAT for shipments outside the UK will only be applied to EU customers who are not VAT registered as per current international legislation.

7. What are my options for making a payment?

UK customers can pay with Mastercard, Visa Credit Card, Delta debit card or using PayPal.
We also accept orders on a 28 day invoice payment term for customers who already have an established account with Alpha Laboratories.
International customers can pay by credit card or On Account.

8. Can I amend or add to my existing order?

Adding to my order
Unfortunately you cannot add new items to a confirmed order after the checkout stage, you will need to place a new order instead.

Amending my delivery details
In order to meet our delivery promises, it is normally not possible to amend your order, particularly for next day delivery items.
Most of our ‘In Stock’ items will ship the same day so please contact us immediately if you need to change your delivery details and we will do our best to try to amend your delivery. Please contact Customer Services on +44 (0) 2380 483000.

9. Can I cancel my order?

If you do need to cancel an order, please contact Customer Services on +44 (0) 2380 483000 as soon as possible. However, as most of our ‘In Stock’ items will ship the same day it is not always possible to stop a delivery and a restocking fee may be incurred for the order cancellation.

10. How do I see a history of my orders?

When you are logged into your online account click on the "My Account" link and go to “My Orders”. This will allow you to review any of your online orders as well as update your account details.
From here you can also re-enter and amend any of these orders.

11. I have a shopping list of part numbers I wish to buy. What’s the quickest way to do this?

Login and use the Quickbuy link at the top right of any page.