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Upcoming Events

The Alpha Laboratories team will be out and about at the following Conferences and Exhibitions:


ACB Focus

1-3 May 2019       Stand #27

SEC, Glasgow

Alpha Laboratories invites you to come and discuss our innovative range of products, including Faecal Immunochemical Test (FIT) for Bowel Cancer Detection. Evolve your Calprotectin testing with the BÜHLMANN range of standardised assay solutions to suit your workload. In addition, our range of third party calibrators and controls help your laboratory meet ISO standards. We offer bespoke mailing kits and an intuitive sample collection device, ideal for hospitals looking for workable solutions to introduce FIT services to their primary care.


SMA 13th Pan Celtic meeting

10-12 May 2019       

Peebles Hydro Hotel, Peebles

Come and see us at the SMA Pan Celtic meeting to discuss our high quality microbiology products that help improve the speed and accuracy of disease diagnosis. Our range provides a comprehensive resource for the clinical microbiologist.


BSMT Annual Scientific Conference

16 May 2019       

RAF Museum, Hendon

Alpha Laboratories is a trusted supplier of clinical diagnostic kits and reagents to healthcare professionals in the UK. We partner with leading manufacturers worldwide to provide innovative, high quality products that help improve the speed and accuracy of disease diagnosis so that effective treatment can be initiated speedily. Come and talk to us to find out more.



5-6 June 2019       Stand #7

Sheffield Hallam University

Come and talk to Alpha Laboratories about our range of high quality equipment, reagents and speciality products from our partners in haemostasis.


BSG Annual Meeting

17-20 June 2019       Stand #42

SEC, Glasgow

With a long tradition in providing diagnostics for digestive health management, Alpha Laboratories invites BSG visitors to stand No. 42 to discuss the innovative products that are now available for this patient-pathway.

The BÜHLMANN IBDoc® is a CE marked assay allowing IBD positive patients to perform quantitative calprotectin tests in the comfort of their own home. Results are communicated to the clinician via smartphone technology enabling a customised, patient centric approach for therapy. Come and discuss how this approach can provide patient privacy, reassurance and involvement in disease management. See how the IBDoc can also be used to help triage valuable clinic space to those most in need.

The BÜHLMANN Quantum Blue® rapid Anti-TNF drug monitoring assays can also enable tailored therapy, resulting in improved patient care and cost effectiveness by allowing timely decision making for dose adjustments before the next infusion.

NICE have recently reviewed Faecal Haemoglobin testing using FIT to triage patients with low risk of colorectal cancers. Come and discuss how your clinic can benefit from the HM-JACKarc system. There are a number of hospitals in the UK now using this technology with a cut-off of 10µgHb/g faeces, which has a high NPV for cancer (100%) and other serious bowel disease (94%), making it an effective method of reducing colonoscopy referrals.

We would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate these products on the stand, or if you would like to evaluate in your clinic or hospital then come and talk to us.



Please contact us to discuss events

Past Events

ACB Focus 2018

On 7th June at ACB Focus, Alpha Laboratories sponsored a workshop: ‘FIT to Practice?’ which was chaired by Professor Callum Fraser and presented by Nigel D’Souza and Sally Benton. Nigel D’Souza presented preliminary data on the NICE FIT study, the largest multi-centre FIT trial in England, whilst Sally Benton discussed the technical capabilities and clinical outcomes from FIT Testing in the symptomatic.

Watch the presentations and the Q&A session online now.

Digestive Diseases Day 2017

On the 15th November Alpha Laboratories held a Digestive Diseases Day workshop in birmingham. This educational day brought together experts in the field to discuss recent advances in clinical diagnostics for gastroenterology, covering symptomatic FIT and faecal calprotectin implementation.

You can watch these presentations here.

FIT ISW Focus 2018