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Quantitative Sperm Antibody ELISA for serum BIOSERV 96 wells
Pack size: 96 Wells
Product code: BS-10-20

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Quantitative Sperm Antibody ELISA for serum BIOSERV 96 wells

Antibodies directed against spermatozoa antigens may cause infertility in women or men. Anti-spermatozoa antibodies exert heterogenous effects on the ability of spermatozoa to fertilize by inhibiting motility through binding to their surface, agglutinating processes, adversely effecting penetration in the cervical mucus and impeding the interaction and fusion with the oocyte.
The BIOSERV anti-spermatozoa antibody ELISA is a reliable, quantitative test for the determination of antibodies directed against human sperm in serum.
Anti-sperm antibodies of the patient's sample material bind to sperm antigens immobilized on the ELISA plate and then enzyme-linked antibodies directed against human immunoglobulins are added. The antibody concentration in the patient's serum correlates directly with the extinction values of the subsequent photometric measurements.
Product Details:
Product Code: BS-10-20
Test Type: ELISA
Sample Type: Serum. Collect by venipuncture and allow to clot, separate the serum by centrifugation. Avoid haemolysis and repeated freeze/ thawing. Severely haemolytic or lipaemic sera or sera from patients with liver diseases should not be used. Results may also be adversely affected by certain pathologic conditions such as poly and monoclonal gammapathies and autoimmune diseases
Sample Storage: 3 days at ambient, 1 week at 2-8C and 1 year at -20C
Sample volume: 5µl
Interpretation criteria: Normal = 0-60U/ml, Elevated levels > 60µl, 55 - 65U/ml = Repeat recommended in two weeks
Test time: ~3 hours
CE Certified
Warranty Period
Standard Terms Apply
Shelf Life
minimum 6 months
Anti-sperm antibodies
serum anti-sperm antibodies
microtitre plate, 4 x 0.5ml standards, 0.5ml control, 50 ml dilution buffer, 50ml washing solution (x10 concentrate), 8ml enzyme conjugate, 13ml TMB solution, 13ml Stop solution, 1 holder for single strips
Time Required
3 hours
UNSPSC Description
Chemistry test kits or supplies
NHS eClass Description
Chemical & Biochemical Diagnostic Products
NHS eClass Code
Pack Description
96 Wells
Shipping Condition
Storage Condition
Pack Length (m)
Pack Width (m)
Pack Height (m)
Pack Weight (Kg)

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Quantitative Sperm Antibody ELISA for serum BIOSERV 96 wells

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