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Faecal Occult Blood Tests - hema-screen™

Faecal Occult Blood Tests

Faecal occult blood testing (FOBt) aims to detect subtle (hidden) blood loss in the gastrointestinal tract, anywhere from the mouth to the colon. We offer a range of guaiac-based methods, which use a dried faeces format for more acceptable testing.


The test does not directly detect colon cancer but is often used in clinical screening for that disease, but it can also be used to look for active occult blood loss in anaemia or when there are gastrointestinal symptoms.

Positive tests may result from either upper gastrointestinal bleeding or lower gastrointestinal bleeding and warrant further investigation for peptic ulcers or a malignancy, such as colorectal cancer or gastric cancer. 

All tests have:

  • Analytical detection limit of 0.6 mg Hb/g faeces
  • 21 days stability after sample application
  • Procedural positive and negative controls

  • 01- Focus on FIT Brochure 2017

    • PDF size: 11.25KB
    • Uploaded on: 09/05/2017

    A series on articles and case studies on Faecal Immunochemical Testing in Colorectal Cancer Pathways

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  • Diagnostics for Digestive Health Management

    • PDF size: 9.78MB
    • Uploaded on: 11/12/2017

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  • hema-screen™

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    • Uploaded on: 15/10/2015

    Instructions For Use

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