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Partial RhD Typing Kit

Allows improved identification of partial RhD types, including DOL, DCS, DMH, DHK/DAU-4, weak D types 1 and 2 as well as DMHi.

  • Differentiates important partial RhD types
  • Quick, cost-effective alternative to DNA genotyping

The antibodies incorporated into this kit have undergone extensive evaluation at international workshops and by experts throughout Europe and the US.

  • 12 antibodies with matched reaction profiles
  • One simple method of testing (IAGT)
  • Quick and easy to perform

Weak D Types 1 and 2
As shown on the instructions for use, Weak D of types 1 or 2 may be positive with all anti-D in the kit or show weakened / negative reactions with anti-Ds ‘C’ and ‘I’.

Of the remaining antibodies, anti-Ds ‘H’ and ‘L’ are more likely than the others to show weakness with weak D types 1 and 2.

Weak D type 2 with suppression of D due to Cde in trans is markedly different; this type may be weak or negative with most anti-D in the kit. Anti-D ‘D’ and ‘K’ are most likely to be positive, but still weaker than normal RhD positive cells.

Note: most other weak D types will give weak reaction with all anti-D in the kit (weaker than a normal RhD positive cell). DHMi Recent tests have shown that DHMi samples will react with all kit components.

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