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Transporting Clinical Trial Samples Safely and Easily

Customised Sample Transport Packs for Clinical Trials and Contract Research Projects

With your focus on developing life saving drugs, the mundane details of logistics for shipping clinical trial
samples are probably far from your mind. 

However, whether you are involved in National or Global projects, transporting clinical trial samples safely,
securely and in adherence to current regulations is essential.

Clinical trials programmes usually require the movement of biological samples from the patient or clinic to the testing
laboratory. Whether blood, urine, faeces or tissue they need to be transported in accordance to strict regulations.


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Bespoke UN3373 Compliant Packaging for Biological Specimens

Clinical Trials Sample Packaging

Alpha Laboratories' SpeciSafe® products are the ideal, simple one piece packaging solution for 95kPa sample containers of all sizes, to ensure compliance to UN3373 transport requirements. The robust, blister type, leak-proof pack simply encloses the sample container and protects it in the sealed casing. This quick, easy and cost effective solution ensures complete safety for clinical, laboratory and transportation personnel. 

They can be used by Clinical Trial Central Laboratories, Diagnostics Reference Laboratories, CROs, plus Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies for their clinical kit preparation and regular distribution needs.

SpeciSafe can also be supplied in custom designed packs as a supply chain logistics solution for clinical trials and contract research projects in the pharmaceutical, healthcare and laboratory industries.

We also offer a wide range of other UN3373 compliant secondary packaging such as rigid boxes, absorbent sheets, 95kPa pouches, labels, mailing bags and envelopes.

These custom designed transport packaging materials are also ideal for use as components in diagnostic or laboratory kit manufacture.

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SpeciSafe® Sample Transport Packaging

  • Internationally used UK patented manufacturing technology
  • Shock resistant primary container protection
  • Clear plastic enables sample details to be visible without unpacking
  • Gel block built in absorbency – absolutely no leaks!
    (The unique feature of SpeciSafe packaging products is an internally bonded super absorbent lining which soaks up any leakage in seconds. The material is so absorbent that 1m2 can soak up as much as 20 litres of liquid. Once the lining has absorbed its maximum amount of liquid, it becomes a watertight barrier and effectively seals the SpeciSafe pack preventing any leakage from the secondary container.)
  • User friendly, quick and intuitive use
  • Visible spillage indication protects all users
  • Compliant flatpack design minimises postage costs
    (Wherever possible due to the size of the primary container, the SpeciSafe mailing pack is designed to be postable at the standard letter rate, minimising postage costs)
  • Available as a complete “turnkey” package
  • Inexpensive especially when compared to alternative options
  • Compliant to UN3373 regulations when used with 95kPa primary containers
    (The lining is bonded to a rigid container moulded in a range of designs to fit perfectly around commonly used 95 kPa sample vessels)

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