Electrophoresis Multi-level Gel Tank Clarit-E MultiSUB4

Electrophoresis Gel Tank - Clarit-E multiSUB4, multi-level Gel Chamber, includes 4x18cm UV Trays, 8x18/8 Sample 1.5mm Combs

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Pack Quantity: Each

Samples available Sterile

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The Clarit-E multiSUB 4 combines high throughput electrophoresis with the space- and time-saving advantages of a small, compact unit maximizing available bench space. This well designed gel tank maximises the intensity of the electric field for rapid separations of up to 1200 samples in as little as 15 minutes in 4 vertically stacked gel trays. Multichannel-compatible combs and gel plate configurations compatible with 96 well plates ensure rapid loading of DNA minipreps and PCR products by 8-channel pipette. Combs are double-sided and 1.5mm thick to allow more sample volume to be loaded into each well. Available in 8x6, 8x12 and 8x18cm (WxL), sizes for maximum flexibility.

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