Electrophoresis Gel Tank Clarit-E Midi 96 UV Tray & Comb Block

Electrophoresis Gel Tank - Clarit-E Midi 96 - UV tray, Comb block with 12x8 samples, 1.0mm thick combs, Casting dams. Combs have two marker lanes.

List Price: £328.90

Pack Quantity: Each

Samples available Sterile

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The Clarit-E Midi 96 id ideal for separationof PCR products, or DNA samples containing only a few bands, from 96-well plates. It has a 96-well moulded comb, available in 1 or 1.5 thicknesses, allowing 96-wells to be cast simultaneously within a single gel in a precise 96-well microplate configuration. Samples can be loaded quickly and easily using a multichannel (8channel) pipette. The gel tray and comb insert mimic exact configuration of 96-well microplates so samples can be easily identified.

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