Electrophoresis Gel Tank Clarit-E Maxi 20 x 20cm UV Tray

Electrophoresis Gel Tank - 2 combs of your choice, Casting Dams, Loading Guides.

List Price: £455.00

Pack Quantity: Each

Samples available Sterile

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The Clarit-E Maxi is primarily designed for resolution of high numbers of samples such as from Cloning or PCR. The Maxi allows ultra high-resolution separations over extended runs. Tray sizes correspond to standard blotter sizes so it also allows easy sample transfer onto a membrane for further analysis. Three tray sizes are available - 20 x 20cm, 20 x 25cm and a half-length 20 x 10cm. Multichannel pipette compatible combs up to 40 sample facilitate speed loading of up to 440 samples per gel. 50 sample combs allow maximum sample capacity of 550 samples per gel.

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