Validate Your Thermal Cycler



Service thumbs upAll instruments and machinery require regular service checks to ensure they continue to work properly. Whether it's a boiler, washing machine or your car, an annual service ensures optimal operation for reliable performance and results. Your thermal cycler is no different!

It is important to monitor your thermal cycler's performance, as variations can adversely affect the PCR process and hence the outcome of experiments. Using positive and negative controls with every PCR experiment is a good indicator, but cannot guarantee reproducible PCR results. Accuracy and precision of the instrument is key. Displayed temperatures should match the absolute temperature readings, and the temperature should be uniform across the entire block.

Get an 'MOT'

BlockOnly a dynamic temperature validation check can diagnose inaccuracies in your PCR machine's performance. Alpha Laboratories' Dynamic Temperature Validation Service employs the latest innovative electronic technology to analyse the performance of PCR blocks - think of it as an MOT for thermal cyclers!

  • Validation for virtually all makes and models of thermal cycler
  • Uses a 20 minute PCR type protocol to validate results
  • Enables comparison of results against manufacturer's specifications
  • Measurements are related to the ITS-90 standard
  • Accuracy is better than 0.1 C ( 0-100 C)
  • Measures up to 16 wells simultaneously using specially designed probes
  • QTAS DemoProvides a 14 page analysis (text & graphs) of individual protocol temperature steps
  • Enables optimisation of protocols dependent on the cycler's actual performance: maximise yields and efficient use of reagents
  • Provides a full certificate summarising validation results
  • UKAS Accreditation 17025:2005 pending
  • For 96 Well Systems (other well formats under development)


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