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Chances are you've never heard of Bioer. However they are a force to be reckoned with in the Thermal Cycler field. In fact their Peltier technology forms the heart of many leading thermal cyclers throughout the world. So you have probabaly already been using their products in your current thermal cycler.

Bioer's name derives from 'Biological Pioneer' and they are one of the largest suppliers of PCR equipment in the world. Though you may not see their name on the package you have probably already used a product made with their expertise! Bioer Technology Ltd. is Japanese owned and founded by the Ferrotec Corporation Tokyo Japan - the world leader in the manufacture of Peltier elements.

They are committed to researching and manufacturing hi-tech products for life science laboratories including thermal cyclers, heating and cooling blocks and other equipment.

A few years ago they decided to make their technology available under their own name. All their expertise and experience is built into a superb range of Thermal Cyclers and life science equipment. These are produced in a state of the art facility in Hangzhou, China (see pictures). This massive unit has a floor space of 26,000m2 and utilises the latest computer technology throughout the production process that strictly follows the international ISO13485 standard for medical devices.

Bioer are delighted to work with Alpha Laboratories to provide top class service and expertise to complement their superb products.

The Thermal Cyclers from Bioer have a fine pedigree built in, and as you'd expect from a leading manufacturer, there are plenty of good reasons to choose Bioer and Alpha for your next cycler.

  1. Driven by advanced Peltier technology from the world's leading manufacturer
  2. Precise and rapid temperature control for accurate PCR and quality results
  3. Intuitive software and large LCD display for set-up in seconds
  4. Interchangeable blocks for ultimate flexibility


Thermal Cycler Servicing

We are pleased to be able to offer comprehensive service packages for all the Thermal Cyclers we sell through our partnership with Labcare Service Ltd.

As an organisation Labcare Service has been in existence since 1995 and the existing engineering team has 32 cumulative years of experience of thermal cycler service and repair. Labcare currently provide service to a base of around 12,000 instruments, through their staff of 5 engineers.

Recently through partnering with Alpha Laboratories, they can provide fully comprehensive service packages for our Bioer range of Thermal cyclers. We are able to offer the following packages:-

  • Extended warranties
  • 3 star service level
  • 2 star service level
  • 1 star service level

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LifeECO™ Thermal Cycler

LifeECOThe new Bioer LifeECO thermal cycler brings you high specifications and rapid, simple, touch screen programming at an extremely affordable price.


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LifeTouch Thermal Cycler

LifeTouch Thermal CyclerThe LifeTouch Thermal Cycler, a new and improved version of the LifePro Thermal Cycler has full colour display and intuitive touchscreen programming. The clear touchscreen menu and display allow for easy programme setup in just a few seconds.


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GeneTouch™ Thermal Cycler

geneproThe Bioer GenePro has been a popular thermal cycler for many years with its highly versatile interchangeable blocks that allow you to use a complete range of consumables.

Now its successor brings additional technology and functionality for even greater ease of use and exceptional performance, alongside the format flexibility.

The new GeneTouch has a 6.5 inch full colour touchscreen menu and display. Together with the intuitive menu this enables programming of complex protocols such as Touchdown, Long and Nested PCR in just a few seconds.


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Line Gene™ Real-timeThermal Cycler

LineGene 9600 series Thermal CyclerThe new LineGene 9600 series from Bioer provides the latest in real time PCR systems using fibre optic technology. They offer precise quantification for researchers performing high-throughput real time PCR reactions with volumes as low as 5μl. The systems incorporate easy-to-use and intuitive software allowing experiments to be set up and analysed with minimal effort.


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GeneQ™ Thermal Cycler

The GeneQ™ Thermal Cycler combines a superior performance, compact structure, a user-friendly interface and reliable results in one machine. For a thermal cycler of this class it provides outstanding performance in its ramping speed, temperature control, accuracy and uniformity of the block.


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GeneMax™ Thermal Cycler

Ferrotec Peltier development has reached a new level of performance and functionality in the Bioer GeneMax™ thermal cycler to realise the perfect optimisation for annealing temperature. This latest generation of thermal cyclers offers multiple reaction formats and function modes. With great features that make it easy to use, GeneMax is efficient and stable with superior temperature control that generates reliable results. The option of the first gold-plated block brings temperature uniformity within 0.1C. Bluetooth connection ensures compatibility with modern wireless laboratory configurations.


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