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Reliable Non-invasive Discrimination between IBD and IBS. Whether you need to test one or one hundred samples, trust our experience in Calprotectin Assays to help you find the way.

Download the Calprotectin Rnage brochure as a PDFCalprotectin Assays Overview

The symptoms of organic inflammatory intestinal disease (IBD) and those of functional disorders such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) can be very similar in presentation. Historically, clinical gastroenterologists have had to use invasive endoscopy to differentially diagnose between these conditions. Not only is this stressful for the patient, it is costly for the NHS.

Measurement of faecal Calprotectin is considered a reliable indicator of inflammation and numerous studies show that while faecal Calprotectin concentrations are significantly elevated in patients with IBD, patients suffering from IBS do not have increased Calprotectin levels. Such increased levels are shown to correlate well with both endoscopic and histological assessment of disease activity.

NHS economic review on calprotectin testingNHS evidence review on calprotectin testingThe NHS Centre for Evidence-based Purchasing has conducted several reviews on calprotectin testing and its use in differentiating IBS and IBD. These reports conclude that using calprotectin assays supports improvements in patient management and offers substantial cost savings.


NICE diagnostics guidance [DG11] issued in October 2013 advocates the use of faecal calprotectin as a first-line test in patients presenting with gastrointestinal symptoms indicative of IBS or IBD.

Measurement of Faecal Calprotectin – Your Choice

Alpha Laboratories offers the widest range of test formats for the measurement of human faecal Calprotectin.  Whether you want to perform the test within primary care, in the Gastroenterology clinic or the hospital laboratory, we have the right test to best suit your needs.

Alpha can also offer an automated solution to laboratories with a higher throughput of tests, with the availability of the Dynex DS2™ ELISA Processing System.

Clinical Applications

  • Differential diagnosis: The Calprotectin assay offers an excellent negative predictive value enabling non-invasive differentiation between organic IBD and functional IBS.
  • Therapy monitoring: Ensure compliance and successful therapy by detecting a decrease in calprotectin levels.
  • Relapse prediction: An increase in calprotectin can be an indicator for possible IBD relapse in the future

Download a summary of some of the Clinical Publications referencing the Buhlmann Calprotectin AssaysDownload a selection of Clinical Publications on the Buhlmann Calprotectin Assays

Review the Literature

View this video to find out more about Calprotectin testing and the Buhlmann kits:

Faecal Calprotectin ELISA Assay

An ELISA kit intended for the quantitative in vitro determination of human calprotectin in stool samples.

Calprotectin ELISAFeatures & Benefits:

  • Easy-to-use ELISA kit (total assay time is 75 minutes)
  • All reagents are ready to use*
  • Kit includes calibrators and controls
  • Analytical Sensitivity: <10µg/g Calprotectin in faecal sample
  • Established cut-off of 50µg/g
  • Measurable range 30-1800µg/g or 10-600µg/g**

* except wash buffer

** depending on which protocol is used

Product Code Description Pack Size Price Add to cart
EK-CAL Calprotectin ELISA 96 wells £598.23
EK-CAL2 Calprotectin ELISA 192 wells £1,082.02

Calprotectin ELISA
(no extraction buffer)

192 wells £982.00

Verification of Calprotectin ELISA Data: Download a technical bulletin


Verification of Calprotectin ELISA data >>download a technical bulletin


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Quantum Blue® - Quantitative Faecal Calprotectin Rapid Tests

A rapid quantitative Calprotectin testing platform for lower throughput requirements.

If your Calprotectin test request number is too low to achieve a reasonable turn around time using an ELISA method, Quantum Blue provides a comprehensive, low cost, entry-level Calprotectin testing platform. Quantum Blue can be used in either the clinic or laboratory setting.

Features & Benefits

Quantum Blue dedicated reader

  • Based on established lateral flow technology
  • Provides a quantitative measure of Calprotectin in faecal samples but in a rapid test format
  • Simple and rapid extraction and test process
  • Supplied with a dedicated reader
  • Excellent correlation with the market leading Calprotectin ELISA: uses a consistent cut off value (50µg/g)
  • Measurable range 30-300µg/g or 100-1800µg/g Calprotectin in stool samples*
  • New Extended range tests cover 30-1000µg/g enabling diagnosis and monitoring in a single test

* depending on protocol used

Quantum Blue® - Cick to view ordering information
Product Code. Description Pack Size Price Add to cart



Quantum Blue: Calprotectin tests
Measurable range 30-300µg/g

25 tests £449.45



Quantum Blue:Calprotectin tests
High Range
Measurable range 100-1800µg/g

25 tests £449.45



Quantum Blue: Calprotectin tests
Extended Range
Measurable range 30–1000µg/g

For use with Quantum Blue Two second generation instruments (Serial no. >1000)

25 tests £440.64
BI-POCTR-ABS Quantum Blue Reader 1 Unit £3,031.35

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Handling Stool Samples

A range of products are now available to simplify and assist the pre-analytical faecal extraction process. These are dedicated, specially designed products to minimise operator contact with the sample whilst optimising extraction of the analytical parameter.

New CALEX® Cap Calprotectin Stool Extraction Device

CALEX® Cap is a brand new stool extraction device containing a measured amount of BÜHLMANN calprotectin extraction buffer.
It is for exclusive use with all BÜHLMANN calprotectin assays.

The features of the CALEX extraction device are unique in the market. It improves laboratory workflow and efficiency by eliminating the need for sample weighing, pipetting or decanting and enabling direct loading of the extraction device onto ELISA processors.

Laboratories using CALEX Cap can benefit from the new BÜHLMANN Calprotectin ELISA kit format EK-CAL2-WEX, that is provided without extraction buffer and so reduces cost and waste.

  • Ease of use for laboratory personnel and patients
  • Application as a primary tube for all ELISA robots on the market
  • An optimised sample dilution for maximum efficiency in stool extraction
  • Extract stability of 3 days at room temperature allowing batching to suit the laboratory routine
  • Very high correlation to the gold standard weighing extraction method
Product Code Description Pack Size Price Add to cart
B-CALEX-C50 CALEX Cap Device 50 Tubes £169.50
B-CALEX-C200 CALEX Cap Device 200 Tubes £602.65


Smart-Prep, Quick-Prep & Vortex Mixer

Product Code Description Pack Size Price  
B-CAL-RD Smart-Prep Faecal Sample Preparation Kit (For use with Calprotectin ELISA & Quantum Blue) 50 Tubes £162.30
B-CAL-SO50 ScheBo® Quick-Prep XL Faecal Sample Preparation Kit (For use with Calprotectin ELISA & Quantum Blue) 50 Tubes £162.30

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